International Communication Specialists, Inc. (formerly known as Dvorak International Linguistics, Inc.) has supplied private enterprises and government authorities with on-site interpreters.  Just let us know which language combination you need and what type of subject matter you need an interpreter for and we will send one to you.   

When do you need an interpreter? 

While English remains the most widely-spoken language in the business setting, there may be many situations where the communicating parties do not share a common language.  In today’s multi-cultural world, cross-cultural communication is not limited to converting words from one language into another.  Instead, interpreters orally relate cultural context, as well as concepts and ideas between languages.  Regardless of whether you are hosting foreign clients, or your company’s representative is traveling abroad, the precision of the spoken word is a critical aspect of establishing and nurturing successful business transactions.  No matter where in the world your business takes you, skilled and accurate interpretation services will provide the glue that binds your communication.  With that in mind, International Communication Specialists, Inc. can provide experienced and dedicated interpreters for any setting required:   

 Trade Shows 






 Simultaneous or consecutive, as needed   


With International Communication Specialists, Inc., you have instant access to a broad pool of top-notch interpreters. They set themselves apart by their linguistic expertise, their dependability and their cultural sensitivity.  Additionally, we can ensure that our interpreters have a solid grasp on the subject matter when their services are required at industry-specific seminars and conferences.

If accuracy is a must, choose International Communication Specialists, Inc.!