Cross-Cultural Awareness


Working, meeting, negotiating and socially interacting with people from other cultures can be very challenging.  While certain behavioral patterns, negotiation styles and customs may be commonplace in one culture, they may be misunderstood, even perceived as offensive, in another. In the business setting a single misstep, however unintentional, may delay months of work or even be a deal breaker.   

International Communication Specialists, Inc. is catering to the growing interest by educational, governmental, and private business organizations in Northwest Florida to actively to promote cross-cultural awareness. As the region braces for continued growth in international trade and commerce, International Communication Specialists, Inc. is poised to effectively train interested parties in intercultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills.  International Communication Specialists, Inc. programs are designed to establish a framework of understanding that allows program participants to effectively supervise multi-cultural staff and successfully negotiate with foreign colleagues, partners and clients.   

Training Modules 

International Communication Specialists, Inc. offers Cross-Cultural Awareness Seminars that address all facets of intercultural management and communication skills, including   

 Cultural Values and Their Impact on Negotiation Styles 

 Business Practices, Etiquette and Protocol 

o Time consciousness  

o Communication  

o Conflict resolution  

 Key Elements of Cross-Cultural Team Building 

o Hierarchy and status  

o Groups vs. individual  

 Country-Specific Cultural Primers   

Training Delivery 

International Communication Specialists, Inc. will customize training programs to suit its client’s needs. Programs can be tailor-made for supervisors, HR officials or other professionals who 

 work as part of a cross cultural team 

 are embarking on an international assignment  v are tasked to liaise regularly with overseas clients or suppliers    

Key Benefits 

International Communication Specialists, Inc. offers Cross-Cultural Awareness seminars that provide professionals with the tools to: 

 communicate more effectively with clients and partners from other cultures v acquire an in-depth understanding of underlying attitudes, values and behaviors of  colleagues, partners and subordinates from different cultures  

 display more cultural sensitivity while working in an international environment  

 productively manage cross cultural conflict in the workplace 

 produce more effective business results in the international setting